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Data Science

If your SaMD project involves a large volume of medical data, we provide professional data science services to help you store, transfer, visualise and analyse them. We have successfully completed several data science projects for customers, ranging from data pre-processing and cleaning, database construction, visualisation, predictive analysis, clinical data analytics, financial analytics, operational analytics, interoperability, etc. These data science projects help customers to identify trends, predict patient outcomes, manage resources, and implement evidence-based practices.

For example, we helped customers harmonise their Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in disparate databases with unstructured text fields. We implemented Large Language Models (LLMs) to process unstructured descriptive text data. We constructed interpretable predictive models from the processed structured data to predict the likelihood of an adverse event, such as a heart attack from a patient’s EHR, preventing health problems before they occur.


Database construction

We will help you pre-processing and cleaning raw data, and store them inn a well-design database.


Data Visualisation

We provide data visualisation to help you quickly understand, analyse and present complex medical data.


Data analytics

Our data analytics will help medical experts to make informed decisions and optimise healthcare delivery.

AI & Machine Learning

If your SaMD project requires Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), we are researchers with accumulated over 40 years of experience in these areas. More specifically, we specialised in

Interpretable AI for healthcare

One primary concern about AI in healthcare is the danger of black box models. Such black box models deliver a decision without any interpretable reasoning behind the decision, which severely reduces the decision's opacity, accountability, responsibility, and liability required by medical practitioners. We address this concern using interpretable machine learning methods such as Bayesian Decision Trees, Bayesian networks, and graph deep learning.

Ensure patient safety

Interpretable AI models provide clinicians with insights into AI-generated decisions so that they can make the best decisions to improve patient safety.  

Comply with regulations

Interpretable AI models aid healthcare organizations in adhering to regulations, such as the GDPR, which requires AI models to be explainable.

Build trust with patients

Interpretable AI models increase patient trust by providing clear explanations of reasoning, leading to improved outcomes and satisfaction with healthcare services.


Network Biology & Graph Deep Learning

If your diagnostic/therapeutic area is a complex disease, e.g., cancer, then network biology could be invaluable to


Identify biomarkers for a disease

Develop diagnostic tests

Identify new drug targets

Repurpose existing drugs

Design clinical trials

Predict patient response to treatment

More specifically, we have more than 30 years combined experience in


Understanding the molecular mechanisms of complex diseases and drugs’ Modes of Action (MoAs)

Identifying key genes and proteins involved in a disease

Developing new drugs and treatments

Predicting patient outcomes

If you need AI and Data Science experts to contribute to your SaMD project, contact us.

Medical Device Software Development

Our software development services are designed to help you create reliable, high-quality and compliance-ready software applications. We specialise in web app development using agile methods, which allows us to deliver software quickly and efficiently while maintaining high-quality standards.

We understand the unique challenges of developing software for the healthcare industry. Our processes are compliant with ISO 13485 and IEC 62304 standards, ensuring that our software meets the highest standards of quality and safety. We also have a team of experienced engineers who are certified in these standards, so you can be confident that your software is in good hands.

We offer a wide range of software development services, including:

Web app development

We provide full stack web app development service, including planning, development, testing, and maintenance

Mobile app development

We create mobile apps for smartphones and tablets in a healthcare setting, ensuring their security, usability, and regulatory compliance. 

Desktop app development

Apart from mobile app development, we provide services to develop software for PCs or laptops in a healthcare setting. 

Software integration

We connect various SaMD and IT systems to enable seamless data sharing and streamlined workflows, improving efficiency and patient care.

Software testing

We verify that SaMD meets its intended use and is safe and effective, ensuring it complies with regulatory requirements and reduces the risk of legal liability.

Software maintenance

We keep your SaMD systems running smoothly and securely, ensuring the longevity, reliability, and compliance of your SaMD systems.  

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